Supporting Women's Aspirations To Increase Talent Pool

Supporting Women's Aspirations To Increase Talent Pool

Project Background

The Scottish Government supports the Women's Development Forum to provide information to and support women in the Scottish Police Service.

The Women's Development Forum was looking to deliver an event to inspire members and increase their skill set.

Specific Challenges

A survey of members revealed that a lack confidence in presentation skills which was proving an obstacle to applying for promotion.

Measure of Success

Measure of Success

An increase in membership of the network and increased confidence in presentation skills, resulting in more women applying for promotion.


Maxlowe Solution

A one day conference, bringing together 50 female officers. The day would be promoted throughout the Scottish Police Force to offer practical advice on improved presentation skills and to demonstrate a tangible benefit of membership (required to attend the event).



Each delegate gained an understanding of how to put together a high quality presentation and deliver this confidently.


Increase in membership of the network / Increased number of women presenting at promotion boards and/or achieving promotion

“An insight into ways to improve my ‘brand’ both at work and in my personal life. This helped my confidence in giving presentations and partaking in teamwork, both of which are an integral part of my job.”

“Good tips for dealing with meetings and giving presentations, a better understanding of myself, a more positive outlook.”

“An insight into how to be more assertive and how to make my presence felt without being overbearing.”

“The presenter was 1st class, informative, intelligent, entertaining and knowledgeable.”

“The content of the course provided a great foundation on which the relationship and networking, support from the Group was built, we have all remained in contact since this course and offer a 'virtual' network as well as meeting up on occasions. this in itself is unusual for a one week course but demonstrates the impact the course has and the need that is out there for likeminded women to share experiences and support each other.”

* The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.