Executive coaching and training
to achieve your goals

“If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.” So said Henry Ford.

And it’s sobering to acknowledge that, to a large degree, you are the author of your own destiny. What many of today’s most successful leaders know is that the secret to achieving your goals is not simply self belief but the support of a trusted executive coach.

Whether you’re funding your own development or your organisation is sponsoring you, Maxlowe Executive Coaching is ideal if you are: a middle manager aspiring to a senior role, new to a leadership role or an established executive facing new challenges in your work place.

Typically, executive coaching might last between six months to a year and can encompass face to face and/or telephone coaching to suit your needs and practical considerations (see case study).

We can also provide shorter, more intense periods of executive coaching to help you to prepare for an interview, promotion board or other specific challenge.

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To complement Maxlowe executive coaching, you can also attend our open leadership training courses which allow you to interact with peers across a range of organisations and sectors, share experiences and build your executive network.


to recognise that you can, and how you can, achieve your goals