Facilitating and promoting
diversity in your organisation

Most employers recognise the benefits of a diverse workforce and, in an increasingly global market place, the benefits of diversity awareness training extend beyond applying internal policies.

Maxlowe Diversity Awareness training has helped organisations in the UK, Europe, Africa and the USA, to increase the inclusion of different identity groups, improve communication across cultural divides, promote better teamwork and achieve diversity targets.

Embracing Difference

We can help your leaders to:

  • examine their own cultural identity and how it affects their relationships with others
  • recognise their perceptions and attitudes towards various aspects of diversity
  • understand the key elements of current UK employment law relating to diversity issues
  • use appropriate language and terminology within the workplace
  • identify bullying and harassment and how to deal with it
  • role-play their response to a range of real life examples and case studies
  • transfer their learning from into the workplace

We tailor our Diversity Awareness open courses to the needs of each group of delegates and create bespoke courses for in-house training. We also offer advice on additional support your organisation or senior managers might need.


because your organisation will thrive when everyone in it does