Confidence Builder

It is a widely held principle among coaches that the single universal block is unfailingly the same, and can be variously described as fear of failure, lack of confidence, self-doubt and lack of self-belief.

We believe that this is particularly true for women so we designed our Female Development Programme to provide you with the skills to improve the female manager’s confidence in range of situations from having her voice heard in meetings to strategic leadership.

Confidence is the thread which runs through our five-day programme. Each day is designed for a group of 15-20 delegates, and each will be expected to produce an action plan to implement in her workplace.



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Day 1 Personality types

  • Know your personality type and understand how this effects performance
  • Carry out a full MBTI and understand its meaning
  • Examine your personal brand understand how to be the person you want to be

Day 2 Presentation skills and how to get your voice heard in meetings

  • Develop confidence to improve presentations
  • Understand how to get your voice heard in meetings
  • Understand and develop personal and professional impact
  • Create a safe and secure environment to encourage open debate

Day 3 Personal performance

  • Successful people think differently, develop that skill
  • Understand the value of being coached and of being a coach
  • Develop your personal brand

Day 4 Change process

  • Understand Kotter’s 8 phases of change
  • Understand what change means and how it effects people
  • Expand knowledge of relevant tools available

Day 5 The changing face of leadership

Specifically designed for Directors (or equivalent eg Police Inspectors)and above

  • Understand the changing face of leadership
  • Develop a leadership knowledge of emotional intelligence
  • Produce an in depth action plan around developing leadership skills for future roles

The programme can be tailored to suit your organisation and can be delivered in-house or as a series of open training courses.


to enhance the experience of your female executives