Women in leadership:
Why the special treatment?

Before we get too gender specific, Maxlowe recognises that women in leadership share the same management development needs as their male counterparts. However, in many organisations, women in leadership find themselves with few female peers and a scarcity of female role models.

So the challenges for women in leadership, above and beyond those directly associated with a management role, might be a lack of access to informal feedback or mentors who have faced the same gender-related issues.

Creating Future Role Models

Both our Women In Leadership Training courses and Female Executive Coaching programmes provide women with a safe, respectful and empathetic environment in which to acquire the skills to:

  • understand how they might currently be perceived
  • identify changes required to enhance their presence
  • recognise the behaviours of inspirational leaders
  • develop a personal leadership style
  • improve their personal performance
  • build a support network
  • boost their confidence

Maxlowe Women In Leadership training open courses also provide female managers and executives with a valuable opportunity to share experiences with, and learn new perspectives from, women in leadership roles in other organisations and industries.

A programme of Executive Coaching can be particularly useful, either post training or independently, for women who are new to senior management, women aiming for leadership in a male dominated environment, and senior executives managing major change in the workplace.


to create the next generation of positive female role models.