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Welcome 2017

Looking forward to different times........

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2015 - What a Year

2015 has been an exciting year for Maxloweltd. Dawn Lewis has become a fully fledged trainer and coach and has started to work with Diane delivering new and exciting modules. Work in 2015 included LIFE in both Texas and Phoenix, both received with outstanding feedback. Outside of the Police training field new opportunities presented themselves in the Health service with "Train the trainer" coaching courses delivered in Truro, Coventry and Cambridge. Individual coaching continues to flourish especially now there are two coaches to deliver. Leadership training is now being delivered to middle mangers around the UK and fingers crossed 2016 will see this training being delivered in New York.

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Resolutions....... Made to. Be broken!

Hello New Year.  How many of you are starting out with good intentions to change something about your life? Research shows the most frequently used resolutions are, giving up alcohol/smoking and losing weight.  Over 50% will fail within 1 week and 70% will return to old habits within a month...

The question is why...


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Don't try to change the world change you.

“We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily difference we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee”. Marian Wright Edelman, American Activist, Families in Peril


Just as you cannot move from Constable to Chief Constable over night (you need to take steps in-between) so you cannot change other aspects of your life without small steps and hard work.


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Olympic legacy

The Olympic legacy


The 2012 London Olympics will be remembered for lots of different things, tears, world records,medals, Union Jacks and the realisation that Paul McCartney’s best years are behind him!

What about the legacy of the games?

What will be yours?


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Check your motives at the door

Check your motives at the door..................Do not give feedback just because...... It has to have a purpose.  You are not trying to win an arguement you are trying to improve performance.

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Leading with Impact – The Follow-Up!

There are no quick-fix solution to gaining promotion. Because to be a truly effective leader you need to be truly confident in your own ability.

Sometimes tough constructive criticism is required. So who should you look to for the insight that will help you to become a better leader?

Delegates on Maxlowe's latest Leading With Impact course discovered that the first person to ask is YOU.

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There is no time like the present

Are you thinking of developing yourself? Either for promotion or personally for growth?

Is it something you always put off until tomorrow? you think you are not good enough or there is always tomorrow?

A quick model for you to try is the grow model, developed for coaching.

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Working smarter – not harder

A perennial question I am asked is "How can I do all I need to do when there isn't enough time?" Followed by, "I just wish I had time to focus on improving my personal performance."

Unfortunately the Police still equate presentism with how much work is being achieved. No matter how hard we try to change the culture there is still this feeling that those who are in the office by 7am and don't leave until 7pm are somehow better workers, leaders or even just better!

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WILD event 14.6.2011

First Women In Leadership Development event at Paignton Zoo

The first WILD event on June 14th was a roaring success and the team are already planning the next one. Diane Lowe of Maxlowe Ltd,  Tiffany Macedo-Dine of Tiffany’s and Tania West of Kairos provided a diverse programme which included:

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Meetings, meetings and more meetings. Be prepared…..

Amongst the subjects I specialise in, leadership, change, diversity,coaching and mentoring etc.. I am  interested in work done to improve women’s impact at meetings and their personal style.

“Can you attend a meeting?”….. How come 5 little words can cause such stress and alarm?!

Some pointers around the first time you attend a meeting, the initial impact and the actual meeting itself.

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