Check your motives at the door

6th June 2012


Do you give feed back?

You have probably said...Yes.  Whether this is as an HR specialist or a manager etc... feedback is really important.  However, do you check your motives at the door?

Feedback should be given for 2 reasons and 2 reasons only.

1.  To improve behaviour

2.  To reaffirm current behaviour is good.

When improving behaviour remember to outline what behaviour AND attributes need improving.  It is not acceptable to say  'You are aggresive'.  You need to outline the behaviuor.... 'You slammed down your pencil, spoke loudly etc...'

This needs to be done within 24 hours of the behaviour to have the required professional impact.

Expect the person to be is normal reaction to questioning of behaviours.  Counter this by having an example of how the unacceptable behaviour can be improved..... ' instead of slamming down your pencil could you go for a short break to calm down before returning to the office?'


What ever the feedback... Remember, check your motives at the door....


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