Leading with Impact The Follow-Up!

10th January 2012

There are no quick-fix solution to gaining promotion. Because to be a truly effective leader you need to be truly confident in your own ability.

Sometimes tough constructive criticism is required. So who should you look to for the insight that will help you to become a better leader?

Delegates on Maxlowe's latest Leading With Impact course discovered that the first person to ask is YOU.

How To Be Your Own Best Critic

In a safe environment, attendees were encouraged to openly explore their own ability and attitude. This intense and thought provoking experience saw delegates reflecting on the impact they have on others and the importance of personal branding and self-belief.

With a clear picture of their own personal development needs and style, delegates benefited from useful tools and techniques for conflict resolution, presentation and coaching skills and goal setting. And delegates were urged to consider the importance of work life balance and the risk of burn out.

Making Personal Commitments

Feedback immediately after the course demonstrated renewed resolve:

"excellent, thought provoking course, well run by Di Lowe. I got so much out of it that will translate into making positive change in the workplace for my teams"

"Diane Lowe is clearly an experienced trainer ... she is optimistic and encouraging ... I will return to force with an action plan, motivation and focus regarding my future"

"one of the best courses I have been on ... our trainer was an inspiration, had credibility and "walked the talk"... this is the course that will prompt me to take positive action to shape my future"

"Having become disillusioned over recent year,s the course reinvigorated my motivation to pursue promotion ... [it] was draining (spent the weekend asleep in the back garden) but invigorating. "

Sharing Progress Keeps Delegates On Track

A follow-up day is now due, to allow delegates to share the progress they have made with their personal action plans.

This approach not only aims to consolidate the course learnings, we hope it will help delegates stay on track. After all, who wants share that they've not made any progress towards their goals?

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