Resolutions....... Made to. Be broken!

7th January 2014

Hello New Year.  How many of you are starting out with good intentions to change something about your life? Research shows the most frequently used resolutions are, giving up alcohol/smoking and losing weight.  Over 50% will fail within 1 week and 70% will return to old habits within a month...

The question is why?

What ever you want to achieve, it should be about what you want not what you believe you should do.  Losing weight.... Are you really unhappy with your wight or are comments from others making you feel that it is the right thing to do?

Do you enjoy a cigarette but get nagged to stop by well meaning friends?

Only when you (and only you) want to start/stop or change something will it happen.

People often ask me if I intend to run a marathon!! Sorry folks but on my to do list it is probably off the page and unless I want to do it, it's not happening.

So, I recommend to you that you take a look at where you are now personally and professionally, listen to your inner voice and be honest with yourself....... What do you want to achieve, what will make you smile and make you feel better about your life?  Once you have decided what success looks like for you then go and get it! 

Not that easy? Don't know where to start?

If that's the case then give me a call or contact me via the maxlowe website for a free consultation.  The start really does begin with you.

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