Welcome 2017

5th February 2017

Looking forward to different times........



Poignant notes: 

What happened in 2016?  Did you achieve your goals and move forward or did you find excuses not to take the challenge.

Whatever your answer to that question, now is the time to look forward, the time for new beginnings.


What does 2017 mean to you?  Are you facing it with trepidation? Maybe the thought of Brexit scares you, or the events around the world worry you.  Or maybe, Brexit excites you and you feel a time of excitement for what is happening around the world.  


The important thing is to remember it is what you can influence that matters.  Steven Covey talked about the circle of influence and to increase this circle and decrease your circle of concern, the bits you have no influence over.


Maybe you didn't set any New Year resolutions (they often fail anyway); however how are you going to challenge yourself? Are you going to challenge yourself to a new personal best?  Running?  Taking up a new sport or activity?  Maybe the time is right to take that exam?  Education?  Promotion?  Or is it the right time to lose weight?  Stop smoking?  Start a family?  Whether its a sporting, work or personal goal, start setting yourself challenges.  Start taking little steps, find a critical friend, or just verbalise your desires to a loved one or close friend but, don't put it off.


When you get to the end of 2017, how will you look back at it?  Make sure it is with pride.  You want to be able to say yes you did it, not think there goes another year and Ive missed my opportunity.  Start taking the steps now.  Make 2017 your year.


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