Mentor or Coach, Which Do You Need?

At various points in your career, you may find yourself in need of an executive coach, a mentor or both. But how do you know which you need when?

If you already know your goals, it may be that you need a mentor rather than a coach. A mentor might be someone who is ahead of you on your chosen career path, either in your own organisation or a similar one. They will be able to answer your questions about acquiring the skills and experience you need to progress your own career. A mentor can open doors and introduce you to new opportunities.

If you really don’t know what questions to ask then it might be because you haven’t really decided what it is you want to achieve. In this case, you need a coach. A coach will help you to define your goals and set timeframes for achieving them. They can help you to set out a plan of action and work with you to keep you on track.

With your goals established, a coach may be able to help you to identify a mentor who might be receptive to, and be able to respond to your request for advice, based on their experience and current position.

If you’re still not sure, contact Diane Lowe to explore which kind of support will help you to take the next step on your career path.

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