Because those who can, coach

Diane Lowe has an impressive track record in designing and delivering inspirational leadership training and executive coaching for public and private sector organisations around the globe.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in leadership effectiveness, talent development, team building, change management, employee engagement, culture, and goal achievement, Diane helps leaders to lead organisations and teams to achieve the highest results possible in today’s challenging transitional business environment.

Diane’s excellent communication skills, disarming personality and ability to build on an individual’s inherent qualities have helped hundreds of managers throughout the UK, Europe, Africa and the USA to realise their professional potential and personal fulfilment.


Leading by example

A former senior police officer and Deputy Head of National Police Senior Leadership Training, Diane has successfully lead her team through situations most of us might hope never to encounter. Her time as a senior manager also means she has experienced the challenges faced by all kinds of organisations every day and knows how these can be prepared for and overcome.

Diane’s particular passion is helping women to develop their leadership skills, confidence and presence. She has not only designed coaching programmes that have benefited women worldwide but she has logged many thousands of hours coaching women in senior management and positions of responsibility and influence.

Diane is a sought-after speaker and has travelled widely in North America and Africa to deliver keynotes and workshops for women’s conferences and corporate women’s initiatives. She is also an influential member of the training team at the Windsor Leadership Trust, a not for profit organisation which makes quality leadership training accessible to those who could not otherwise afford executive support of this calibre.


for inspirational training, coaching and speaking engagements


“My real passion is helping to develop the leaders of the future, either in a coaching capacity or as part of team building. This includes bespoke training suitable for clients needs, female development, MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), 360 degree work.”